Demo 2013

by Jenkem Junkies

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released June 28, 2013

Danny for recording
Drea for the pomontario artwork
Sarah for the spilled jenkem artwork
All our friends and fans for their support <3



all rights reserved


Jenkem Junkies Ontario, California

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Track Name: Jenkem Junkies
We get high off our own shit
Tell us to stop but we wont quit
Keep it formented for a week
Go do jenkem not no tweak
We dont care how gross it is
We get high off our piss
We dont even mind the taste
So give us more human waste

(chorus 2x)
Do some jenkem, hallucinate
Do some before you go on a date
Do some before you masturbate
Might be gross but haters gonna hate

The bottle's filled up and ready to go
But i cant find the balloon, OH NO!
Luckily i got a spare
Getting high off this shitty air
Dont give me crack, dont give me weed
Jenkems the only thing i need
I dont take pills and i dont drink beer
Jenkems the only thing that i get near

(chorus 2x)
Do some jenkem, hallucinate
Do some before you go on a date
Do some before you masturbate
Might be gross but haters gonna hate


(chorus 2x)
Do some jenkem, hallucinate
Do some before you go on a date
Do some before you masturbate
Might be gross but haters gonna hate
Track Name: Masturbation Salvation
i get home to watch some porn
her tits seemed real i coulda sworn
i get excited, unzip my pants
no ones home ill take the chance

all these girls 18 yeras old
their first time is what im told
but all their cunts are loose and flappy
yet im amused and gettin happy

i get turned off this bitch is fakin
all these lame asses noises shes makin
bukkake, she-male, interracial
you know what? im diggin anal!
Track Name: Sick Of It
What the fuck happened?
I thought you were friends
So why are you talking shit to me?
Youre always talking about somebody else
Dishing out their dirty laundry
But whats the fucking point in being so shady?
Youre always talking about your friends behind their backs
Then 2 minutes later you act like their best friend
If you ask me, that shits whack

You tell me a story and you act like i care
Its not like anyones perfect
I got a bad rep just like yourself
Really who the fuck gives a shit?
This is real life not a tv show
Stop actin like youre in one
Start being real like you claim you are
Stop talkin about everyone

How can i trust you, i see how you are
I wonder what you say about me
Go take your gossip somewhere else
What other people do doesnt matter to me
Cant you see its not our business
So why should we care?
Yet you get all anal when others do the same
Stop being a bitch, grow a fucking pair
Track Name: Pan Dulce
I come home stoned again
Walk into the kitchen
I look down and what do i see?
Some pan dulce starin at me
Grab a piece take a bite
Pour some milk to make it right
Taste so good i cant complain
Without my pan id go insane

Stoned again theres none left this is bullshit im upset
Lose control I see red, now i want this whole town dead

Slashin throats, screaming kids
I get turned on rippin off eyelids
Now i hope this town can see
You dont take my pan from me
Track Name: Why Don't You Think?
Stupid kids that dont think
Stupid kids that die
Stupid kids that think theyre cool
Until they lose an eye
Drinkin joose gettin drunk
Hittin noz actin dumb
Its all fun its all a game
Its all cool til you lose your brain
Track Name: City In Flames
Theres a city to the east of me
Stupid hippy college town, city of trees
Stuck up people, racist cops
Fancy mansions at the top
Dirty looks everywhere i go
What? youve never seen a punk before?
Go ahead discriminate
Ill gladly retaliate

A City In Flames
Youre all to blame
For driving me insane
Soon youll...

Realize when its too late
Im the one wholl seal your fate
You will beg, you will cry
Tellin me how you dont wanna die
Scream in fear you try to run
But youre gonna die with everyone
So dont you try to get away
Cuz squaremonts gonna burn today

A City In Flames
Youre all to blame
For Driving me insane
Soon youll know my name

Flamethrower in hand, hatred in my eyes
Rich people burning, million dollar cries
Track Name: Live Fast Die Drunk
I got 99 problems but drinking aint one
I'll drink 6 more after this one is done
Give me a 40 oz fuck it give me 2
I'll get beer balls and I'll try to fight you
I'm not an alcoholic, they go to meetings
If I had a wife I'd give her a beating
The only problem I got is running out of beer
Thats the only thing thatll bring me a tear

Real men drink malt liquor
Gets us fucked up quicker
DSF till I pass out
Partying hard is what we're about
Live fast die drunk is what I'm gonna do
Youd understand if you were part of the crew

I'm not gonna stop just cuz you think its wrong
I'll drink all day and all night long
I'm gonna be a Drunk Skum Fuck until the day I die
Its none of your business so dont ask why

Live Fast Die Drunk!
Live Drunk Die Fast!